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Address: 1111 E Army Post Rd, Des Moines, IA 50315 Tel: (515) 254-9012
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Who We Are

House of Mercy is a mission based, excellence driven, customer-focused, learning organization that is committed to providing members of the community with needed health, wellness, and human services.

  • In keeping with this mission, House of Mercy is committed to:

    • Insuring the health, safety and well being of children.
    • Building healthy and resilient families.
    • Supporting individuals in their development of a healthy lifestyle and positive self-regard.
    • Assisting individuals in becoming self-sufficient through the enhancement of their educational status and development of the skills necessary to seek and maintain meaningful employment.
    • Assisting chemically dependent individuals in achieving and maintaining a life of quality recovery.
    • Promoting the medical and behavioral health of the community through the provision of quality outpatient medical care and behavioral health services.
    • Providing safe, secure, therapeutically supportive housing services.

Specific services provided by the House of Mercy include: transportation; childcare; Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS); outpatient mental health counseling (e.g., individual, group, relationship, trauma, and family therapy); addiction counseling services (e.g., substance use disorder assessments, primary treatment, relapse prevention education, individual/group counseling, aftercare support, twelve-step meetings, etc.); education and employment assistance; and skill development training in such areas as communication, parenting, anger management, and nutrition.