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Child Care Services

John R. Grubb/House of Mercy Child Development Center is a licensed and nationally accredited (NAEYC) childcare facility, serving the children of House of Mercy’s residential clients. The Center serves children age six-weeks old through school age. Many of the children residing at House of Mercy are attempting to address and overcome significant life obstacles, including issues related to their mother’s drug/alcohol abuse, physical and emotional trauma, prolonged separation from their parents, and attachment issues. Most if not all of the children at House of Mercy qualify as at-risk children.

Services provided by the Child Development Center are available to any child of a client participating in House of Mercy’s transitional housing program. Teachers provide a non-biased, multi-cultural, developmentally appropriate curriculum. Developmental assessments are completed regularly on all of the children in support of their individual learning plans. Children are offered experiences designed to promote positive self-concept, social skills, critical thinking/problem solving, language development, physical development, and creative expression. Child Development Center staff also work with mothers to assist them in enhancing their existing skills and developing new, more effective parenting approaches. Parenting education is age specific and complimented by a structure that focuses on assisting mothers in the development of the skills they require to interact appropriately with their children.

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