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Outpatient Substance Abuse Services

House of Mercy’s Outpatient Substance-Related/Addictive Disorders Services are licensed, nationally accredited (COA) and available to adolescents and adults. They consist of: Level 0.5, Level 1, and Level 2.1 Substance Abuse Treatment services. House of Mercy subscribes to a philosophy of care that focuses on access, engagement, retention, and outcomes. All participating persons in recovery have access to not only substance abuse services but also co-occurring issues (such as problem gambling, mental health, and physical health concerns) through a recovery-oriented system of care.

Substance-Related/Addictive Disorders treatment services are available to: any individual (regardless of age or gender) who is in need of support to establish and maintain a recovery program. All participants work with an addictions counselor to develop and implement an individualized treatment plan. Participants are involved in research based/best practices curriculum in the area of recovery (e.g. education in relapse prevention, early recovery skills, trauma and recovery). They receive individual and group therapy; case management services; and, encouraged to develop a support system within the community utilizing the 12-step program. Clients participating in outpatient programming have access to a flexible menu of services including: individual and group counseling; chemical dependency related educational offerings; trauma education and counseling; therapeutic interventions to address relationship, sexual and physical abuse issues; gender specific services; urinalysis related to substance abuse services; parenting classes, and self-sufficiency activities (e.g., education and employment assistance).

Continuing Care groups are open to anyone who could benefit from having additional therapeutic support in reinforcing a positive recovery outcome. These groups provide a group therapy format that participants can utilize for support as they face the daily challenges of reinforcing recovery, parenting and overall living skills on their own. Group sessions are facilitated by staff that are also available to provide individual counseling, as well as, case management services.

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