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Residential Addiction Treatment

Residential Substance-Related/Addictive Disorders Treatment Services

Project Together is a licensed, nationally accredited (COA) Substance Use Disorder treatment program. High Intensity Residential – 3.5 and Low Intensity Residential – 3.1 levels of care are offered to homeless/non-homeless, chemically dependent, pregnant, parenting and single women who are in need of assistance with recovery, self-sufficiency, parenting, and life skills. House of Mercy subscribes to a philosophy of care that focuses on access, engagement, retention, and outcomes. All participating persons in recovery have access to not only substance use disorder treatment services but also co-occurring treatment assistance (such as problem gambling, mental health, and physical health concerns) through a recovery-oriented system of care.

Participants work with a counselor to develop and implement an individualized treatment plan that collaboratively addresses the issues which brought them to House of Mercy. Programming is holistic in scope, research/best practices-based, gender-specific, and unique in that it allows for mothers to pursue treatment while still residing with their children. Keeping mothers and their children together or reuniting them after a prolonged absence is important to the healing process. Participants (and their children) have access to: individual and group therapy; 12-step meetings; assertiveness/communication education; trauma education and counseling; mental health counseling; life skills education; smoking education and cessation services; primary medical care (including prenatal care); primary pediatric care (including immunizations); child care; therapeutic interventions to address relationship, sexual and physical abuse issues; gender specific services; urinalysis related to substance abuse services; and, parenting education and skill development sessions.

When participants have demonstrated progress and stability in the areas of recovery and parenting, they expand their treatment focus to include self-sufficiency programming. This includes, but is not limited to, HiSET classes and college courses, job skill training sessions, employment search initiatives, money management and debt reparation activities, etc.

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All programming is respectful of client issues related to diversity including language, culture, religion, ethnicity, and disability. Specialized efforts are directed towards providing services sensitive to the needs of those served (e.g. interpreter services, use of culturally specific media, etc.).

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