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About Us

My Canadian Pharmacy is an Internet service. Now you can buy over-the-counter medicines, cosmetics, and a number of other health-related products at a reasonable price with home delivery.

The project was founded by a prosperous team, which has been on the market for more than 15 years. Our company has already managed to gain the trust of its customers.

We constantly master the best options that appeared in the field of pharmacy, so our customers can rely on us.

Using this service, you have a lot of opportunities:

  • choose and order any over-the-counter medications, cosmetics, or other medical supplies delivered to your home, regardless of your location;
  • get a free consultation from professional pharmacists;
  • independently review the goods;
  • get acquainted with special offers and a system of discounts;
  • favorable conditions of delivery to your home, office, hospital;
  • confidentiality of your purchase.

We work only with well-known, well-established suppliers in the pharmaceutical market. Therefore, you can be sure of its authenticity and quality when buying products from us.

The best prices

It’s a fact that prices at small local pharmacies can be sky-high. Indeed, such a pharmacy has high operating costs compared to sales: renting an office and pay for employees and buy a small amount of each preparation. If you live in a small town, then you may not even have a choice but to buy at an expensive local pharmacy or buy medications online. Indeed, My Canadian Pharmacy offers you to buy generic medications online at very affordable prices.

We have cooperated with pharmaceutical companies that distribute meds at attractive prices. Most of them have special purchasing teams that are intended to lower prices. Customers can also receive particularly attractive rates when ordering more. As a result, we do our best to decline the prices as much as possible not losing the quality of sold items.

Special offers and discounts

In local, conventional pharmacies, it is rarely possible to buy medications with a discount. On the other hand, our online pharmacy can often offer truly significant discounts; up to 30% in some cases. You may find a multi-level system of discounts, including regularly rotating sales, special offers for major holidays, bonus promotional codes.

An important feature of our reliable pharmacy is that it will offer discounts not only for cheaper medications but also for more expensive ones, giving customers the opportunity to try pills that they ordinary cannot afford.

Easy ordering procedure

Traditional conventional pharmacies often have long lines and multiple vendors working at any given moment, so it’s not uncommon to wait 20 minutes or more to be served. Another inconvenience is that you can’t actually see the pills, the pharmacist has to go and get them out of storage and you don’t have time to study the leaflet or compare prices. Shopping at our online pharmacy solves the problem: you can spend as much time as you want reading about different medications and to review a real price analysis. You are not in a hurry to analyze the information established.

Safe ordering procedure

The security issue is of great interest to all customers of our online pharmacy. Indeed, the spread of counterfeit pharmacies is a real problem, so choosing a fair pharmacy is a priority. Good, reliable pharmacies offer the same security as in a conventional drugstore. We accept credit cards for payments and your payment details are properly encrypted. It is stored without any risk of transfer to third parties.

You will receive confirmation of the successful processing of the payment. After your order has been dispensed, you will receive the invoice for tracking if delivered by express service. Parcels are usually carried out by a reliable courier. Finally, we guarantee 100% anonymity.

Customer support when you need

Very often, At local pharmacies, the staff is knowledgeable, but probably will not be able or cannot answer your questions within half an hour. On the contrary, in our online pharmacy, there is a worked out customer support group ready to consult customers 24/7. After you start a conversation with an operator, he or she will stay with you for as long as necessary, providing you with all the necessary information about alternative medications, doses, side effects, etc.

More information

In My Canadian Pharmacy, there are dozens of articles devoted to various health problems, explaining their causes, symptoms and treatment methods. Each drug includes a detailed product description containing about the mechanism of action, side effects, dosages, the correct method of application, etc. When you make purchases in our online pharmacy, you can expand your knowledge, learn something new about how the human body works. Our online pharmacy also has educational functions, making you more aware of potential health problems.

Every customer is able to arrange an order at any time of day and night. The orders are processed within 24 hours maximum.