• Our philosophy can be articulated as follows:
    • We believe in the inherent dignity and right of all people to be treated with respect and genuine personal concern regardless of their histories, economic situation, community status, etc. 
    • We believe that elevating the dignity of the individual is at the core of our mission and that the manner and spirit in which we interact, provide care, and structure programming can positively impact the human dignity of those we serve.
    • We believe that love, justice, mercy, and compassion are integral components in working with people, particularly when assisting those for whom access to needed services has not always been readily available. 
    • We believe in removing all barriers to a person’s opportunity to change as a means of providing them with the best opportunity to make the positive life changes they came to House of Mercy to accomplish.
    • We believe that we must always provide high quality care, offering professional skills and knowledge in a supportive and warmly human manner. 
    • We believe that the foundation of our corporate strength rests on the concept of combining individual strengths through partnerships in caring so that our leadership, ingenuity, energy and resources may be fully dedicated to the task of meeting the needs of those we serve.